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Theoretical Computer Science Department of
Jagiellonian University

ul. Prof. S. Łojasiewicza 6
30-348 Kraków

phone:  (+48-12) 664 66 47
fax:(+48-12) 664 66 72
general secretariat:
Monday - Thursday:9:00-15:00
didactic secretariat:
Monday - Thursday:10:00-13:00

Upcoming seminars:

02.12.2021 16:45
Krzysztof Michalik
Combinatorial Optimization
Improved lower bound for the list chromatic number of graphs with no Kt minor
02.12.2021 16:00
Krzysztof Ziobro
Combinatorial Optimization
Polynomials over structured grids
08.12.2021 12:15
Katarzyna Król
Computer science foundations
0-1 Laws for Maps by Edward A. Bender, Kevin J. Compton,and L. Bruce Richmond
08.12.2021 16:15
István Tomon
ETH Zürich
Theoretical computer science
Ramsey properties of semilinear graphs
09.12.2021 16:00
Krzysztof Potępa, Marcin Serwin
Combinatorial Optimization
Fully Dynamic Graph Orientation
15.12.2021 16:15
Lars Rohwedder
Theoretical computer science
A (2+ϵ)-approximation algorithm for preemptive weighted flow time on a single machine